God of War: Kratos is Bisexual [UPDATE]

Earlier today, David Jaffe pulled a 'J.K. Rowling' on Kratos. But is this the first recorded JK-just-kidding?

Transperson, Genderqueer Added to the Official Scrabble Dictionary

Whether you're a hackerazzo or a zomboid, you'll love these new words.

Earthworm Jim Game Announced: Homophobic and Transphobic Creator Taking The Lead

The new game has been announced as an exclusive to the new Intellivision console coming out in 2020.

Leisure Suit Larry's Gay Happy Ending

Larry doesn't deserve a wholesome game over... but in "Shape Up or Slip Out!", that's exactly what he gets.

Harvester 1996 - A Slice of Gayming History

Let take a look at how LGBT people were represented in the 1996 adventure game Harvester.

The Gaymer Silo

Why is it that some LGBT people only want to play games with other LGBT people? Jack Dixon discusses.

We Happy Few's New Expansion is Out - and it's Gay AF

The expansion, Roger and James in THEY CAME FROM BELOW, has been released today.

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 - LGBT & Mental Illness Issues

The long-awaited sequel to the cult classic will be featuring strong representation on LGBT and mental health issues.

Fable 2 - A Gay Retrospective

How Lionhead's Fable let me live out my gay fantasies as a teenager.

Four Looks that RuPaul Banned from Drag Race

From Princess Diana to Anne Frank, here are some of the looks and acts you weren't allowed to see on the runway - for one reason or another.

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