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Steam Finally Gets LGBT Game Tag

Games with an LGBT focus can now proudly display so on their Store pages.

It's been a long time coming, but today is the day!

Steam has finally added an "LGBT" tag to the available set of approved tags. Previously, users and authors were able to list games as LGBT by tagging them manually - but this did not make games any more searchable, as Valve prevented custom tags from being used in the main Steam front page algorithms.

While they were originally treated as a bit of an afterthought, Steam Tags increasingly drive discoverability across the platform. The more "LGBT"-tagged games you play, the more likely you are to be recommended them in the future. So this will give a huge boost to smaller indie developers who create LGBT-focused content.

Screenshot of LGBT page in Steam store

The Steam Tags system has always been a little hard to navigate. At present, the top 15 tags on a game's Store page will dictate where it shows up in tag pages.

We look forward to scouring the new "LGBT" tag in order to find some previously hidden gems. And, as always, the itch.io LGBT section has a wealth of quality indie titles!
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