TemTem is Queer Character Customisation Done Right

TemTem leading the way with character customisation and pronouns choice

Killer Unicorn - Queer Brooklyn Slasher Movie

Whatr do you get when you cross I Know What You Did Last Summer crossed with RuPauls Drag Race? Killer Unicorn

We made an LGBT-Themed D&D Supplement!

"Adventuring with Pride" is over 100% funded in only 2 days -- and still available in digital or hardback!

The Sims 4: Moschino Stuff, and the Rift Between EA and Players

We take a look at the history of Sims crossover DLC. Does "Moschino Stuff" signal a return to the bad old days of careless content?

Dark Souls 3 Mod Allows Gay Marriage

You can now be betrothed to your favourite same-sex sweetheart in Anor Londo!

Nintendo Announces New Console, the Switch Lite

The console will hit the US markets for $199.99 on September 20th this year.

Robert Morningwood Adventure: The Gay Bara Adventure Game We Deserve

Our overview of the upcoming Kickstarter-backed gay adventure game.

Rainbow Jam 2019 - Let's Make Even More Queer Games!

Following on from the success of previous years, the Rainbow Jam is back!

Steam Finally Gets LGBT Game Tag

Games with an LGBT focus can now proudly display so on their Store pages.

YouTube Allows Hate Speech on their Platform this Pride Month [UPDATED]

After two years of homophobic abuse directed towards Vox writer Carlos Maza on the YouTube platform at the hands of the political commentator Steven Crowder, YouTube finally replies but says they will do nothing.

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