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Nintendo Announces New Console, the Switch Lite

The console will hit the US markets for $199.99 on September 20th this year.

In a shock twist, Nintendo have announced that they are cashing in on the Switch brand.

Today Nintendo released a promotional video which showcased the new console.

The console is slightly smaller than the standard Switch, and will come in a uniform colour without detachable Joy-Cons. It is reported that the console will also not feature adjustable backlight brightness, which is a strange choice for a console that you are supposed to use in a variety of environments. It also seems like the console cannot be docked like its big brother - the promotional video saying that the console is designed for hand-held use only.

Switch Lite

The showcased colours (see above) are a medium gray, a pikachu-style yellow and a really lovely blue-teal colour. There will also be a promotional version called the "Zacian and Zamazenta Edition", which will feature blue and pink controls on a silver console.

Reports state that the console will cost just $199 at launch around September 20th in the USA. The original Nintendo Switch console has not yet dropped in price since its own launch, averaging around £275 online.

Here's hoping that the console will not go the way of the 2DS...
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