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Five Amazing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Mods

Hyrule... Home, at least it was before I messed everything up.

It has been well over a year since we all woke up in the Shrine of Resurrection in the Great Plateau of Hyrule. Its been so long... You may be wanting ways to find ways spice up your adventure to defeat Calamity Ganon. Boy, do I have the mods for you.

Sonic the Bike

When you have the busy life of an adventurer, you gotta go fast. Thankfully Link's good friend Sonic is here to help get him around the fields of Hyrule. It's the least Sonic can do after pummelling Link to a pulp on a daily basis in Smash.

Replace Link's boring old bike with everyone's favorite blue mammal, thanks to the amazing work of modder WilianZilv. Get Sonic the Motorbike here!

Wii Fit Trainer

You need to stretch out your muscles and practice your balance before going out on a world-saving quest. Who better than the queen of exercise herself to help you along the way?

Yes, thanks to mods you can replace Link with our beloved Wii Fit Trainer. Creator ZombieAli has made all our dreams come true... Ok, maybe just my dreams. Replace Link with the Wii Fit Trainer here!

Lighting McQueen

Maybe a motorbike or hedgehog is too pedestrian for you? Don't worry we got you covered. Get your hands on Lighting McQueen! Drive around Ka-Chow-ing bokoblin camps across the land.

You can thank modder Fooni for this, ride with McQueen here!


"What are you doing in my swamp?", screams Shrek as the stoic hero Link steals the Royal Guard Sword from around his neck. Live out your Shreky dreams in this mod by WilianZilv that replaces the Hinox in the world with the one and only Shrek.

Get out of his swamp here.

CJ Carl Johnson

Hand down, this is my all-time favourite mod for Breath of the Wild. Prove you are not a Busta with Grove Street's own CJ. Nothing brings me more joy than cruising around Hyrule looking for some ballas.

No joke, if you are planning on installing some modes for Breath of the Wild get Carl Johnson here.

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