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We made an LGBT-Themed D&D Supplement!

"Adventuring with Pride" is over 100% funded in only 2 days -- and still available in digital or hardback!

My darling husband and lead editor of Rainbo, Jack, has been working hard for the last few months on something very special, and I wanted to share that with you today.

Dungeons & Dragons is a game and a hobby that means a lot to us. It's a medium through which people from all walks of life can come together and experience something unique together.

But D&D has an image problem. Historically it's been seen as a very straight white male hobby, the kind of thing that the guys get together in someone's basement and play. That idea has gone away a bit in recent years thanks to incredible efforts of groups like D20 Dames, The Adventure Zone and The Broadswords.

We wanted to help move that needle just a little further, so Jack has put together Adventuring with Pride!, a supplement for 5th edition focusing on representation of LGBT people in fantasy.

What's in Adventuring with Pride?

The supplement is focused around three main characters:

  • Vicki Mockery, a half-orc drag queen with a storied past and a gorgeous axe;
  • Mika Stone, also known as Bear, a druid who can wild shape into, well, a bear;
  • Mirabelle Crowe, a stern roguish type with a good heart.

The characters cover a diverse range of ethnic and gender/sexual minorities. You can see some images of the designs of Vicki above, with more to come! (One of the NPCs, Letholdus, is also pictured.)

The book also includes three one-shot adventures designed to show off the player characters at their best. It puts them into situations where they have to confront themselves and each other, all while trying to save the world from the forces of evil!

Finally, the book will include a treasure trove of interesting items, mechanics and events which will empower the characters and the dungeon master to tell compelling stories together.

Adventuring with Pride is available as a full-size hardback book, or as a PDF. But more than that, you can also pick up some miniatures of the player characters to play with, or even get your own character in the book!

The crowdfunding campaign is already 140% funded, but it is still running! To find out more, or to purchase a copy, visit the Kickstarter page.
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