Impostor Syndrome in Game Development

Amateur game developer Daniel Ilett gives his perspective on Impostor Syndrome in the games industry.

Sims 4 StrangerVille Review: Now It Gets Strange(r)!

We take a look at the latest game pack for The Sims 4: "StrangerVille".

The Pepper Prince: A Masterclass in Weird

We have been invited to the royal wedding of the year. And it's not one to miss.

Solider 76 is Overwatch's Second Confirmed LGBT Character

Blizzard has quietly revealed Jack Morrison, Soldier 76, to be the second LGBT character in the Overwatch universe. The latest short story, Bastet, tells all.

A Gay's Life - A Glimpse into Chinese LGBT Life

Huang Gaole uses his experience as a gay man in China to create an emotional indie game.

Moorhuhn Winter Edition: Go Back in Time this Christmas

Vegetarians look away now, but this classic arcade game is one for the ages.

Queer Game of the Year 2018

Our favorite queer games of 2018.

Yag World Adventure Game - Bringing The Web Comic to (Very Gay) Life

From super-bears to super-twinks, there is something for everyone in this fun little Flash game.

WhiteWolf Uses Violence In Chechnya as an Islamic Vampire Sub-Plot

Despite the ongoing humanitarian crisis affecting gay people in Chechnya, WhiteWolf saw fit to use their suffering as a sub-plot in their latest table-top RPG supplement.

Newfound Courage: An Indie Game with a Story to Tell

Let's take a look at Newfound Courage, recently released on Steam Early Access.

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