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A Gay's Life - A Glimpse into Chinese LGBT Life

Huang Gaole uses his experience as a gay man in China to create an emotional indie game.

Life as a gay man in China is hard. Millions of LGBT people are discriminated against in the country, shown through social pressure but also the government cracking down on events that promote LGBT rights. Thanks to the creator Huang Gaole we can now experience what life is like growing up as a gay man in this environment.

Using his own experiences along with stories given to him from LGBT people living in China, Huang Gaole has crated A Gay's Life, an interactive narrative game which puts you in the shoes of a gay man living out his days in China.

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Written entirely in Chinese (sorry, no translation as of yet), A Gay's Life has you go through the hurdles that so many gay man have gone through throughout their life: realising that you don't like women at a early age; coming out to your parents; hooking up. And it is your choice how to approach every one.

Your decisions will lead you to one of nine different endings, not all of them happy. From getting married to the man of your dreams, to gay conversion therapy, A Gay's Life doesn't hold back on the realistic outcomes of being gay in modern day China.

Coming Out Hookups Forced Marriage

If you have a moment to play A Gay's Life you can do so here for free. Experiencing how LGBT people live within different cultures is an invaluable tool to have. With it, we can begin to understand the trials and tribulations that LGBT people face all around the globe.
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