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Omega Vampire - Hardcore Yaoi Game Coming to Switch

I honestly can say I wasn't expecting this.

Released on PC in 2016, the NSFW adult-only visual novel Omega Vampire will be coming onto the Switch. Created by Japanese company Karin Chatnoir, this game would mark the first example of a yaoi game on the Switch console.

The game itself features graphic sex scenes, which is common among such visual novels. It's unknown whether or not the game will be heavily censored on the Nintendo system.

The game is set in a world where vampires and humans coexist. You play as Moriya Keiichi who suffers life-threatening injuries, who is then healed by a new medicine that utilizes the healing abilities of vampires. This has an unfortunate side-effect: it changes him into an Omega whose pheromones attract the vampires straight to him.

Check out some more of the game's scenes below.

According to Nintendo's Japanese release site, Omega Vampire's age rating is pending. Source: Kotaku
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