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7 Spider-Man Selfies that Will Make You Fall in Love With Him

Spider-Man Spider-Man, does whatever a millennial can.

Marvel's Spider-Man has been a roaring success, and we wanted to show our appreciation of this well-polished game. Spider-Man has a photography mode which has given players across the world the ability to make amazing Spider-Man screenshots, selfies, comics and more.

Here are some of our favourites so far. Of course, it's only been out for a couple of days and we look forward to seeing what people come up with in the weeks to come.

A Proud Spidey

While swinging around New York you will find some rather lovely things. The LGBT+ memorial and flags are something I can't thank the developers enough for. It's small things like this that makes your game feel more inclusive for everybody. Bravo.

Gobsmacking Lighting

Everything about this game is so well designed, and the lighting in the game is no different. This screenshot is truly beautiful. The shadows, the reflections, the little details... perfection.

Swinging By

To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of the Marvel universe. Frankly, I enjoy only Spider-Man and that's it. But even I can appreciate the number of references, easter eggs, and callback this game has. It's making me rethink whether or not I should watch the newer Marvel movies. For instance, you can spot the Avengers tower on the city skyline.


The adorable giant pupper makes an appearance in New York City! A must have in your Spider-Man selfie collection.

Press F To Pay Respects

Even Spider-Man has fallen victim to taking a selfie at... let's say inappropriate times.

"I miss him a lot, Aunt May."

Like I said before, easter eggs are found everywhere in Spider-Man. This one may have made me tear up a little.

Playing Some B-Ball

Spider-Man here, slam-dunking on the court. I think he may have a slight advantage over the other players though. Spider-Man can interact with the citizens of New York City during his travels.

My personal favourite interaction is the 'finger guns', which he can do to random people in the street. It's the little details like this that make New York feel like a living city.

Look at His Ass...ets

And, finally.

I haven't really got much to say on this, I just really like his ass. And you get to see it plenty in Marvel's Spider-Man.
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