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The Story of The Brute Splicer - Bioshock

An all too common story from yesteryear...

In your return to Rapture in Bioshock 2, you run across a whole new path of enemies and Splicers, One of these new Splicers is the "Brute Splicer".

Exclusively male and dressed in what can be described as 1950-60 gangster goon get-up, the Brutes are a large abomination. They were created when Leo Hartwig mixed a number of gene tonics together with the purpose of gaining more muscle mass. Speaking with a cockney accent and overly aggressive, the Brute has no fear of getting into combat due to his large size.

"Practically swimming in sodomy down here... A man can barely breathe."

Brute Splicer

The Brute is outwardly homophobic, using phrases like "You turn my stomach, poof," and 'I'll shut your nancy mouth.'. These are all rather British insults and slurs towards homosexuals. In an act we've all seen, the overly homophobic brute is, in fact, gay himself.

While idle he will say "Can't have a proper mate without accusations. It's all over their faces. Never have the guts to say it." Those accusations are the ones he himself throws out at other male Splicers ("nancy, poof, queer", etc.) While this doesn't outright says he is gay, here is some more idle dialog from him on the subjects of females:

Birds just talk too much, is all, but blokes, you know... Blokes talk with their eyes.

Also, while the Brute attacks female splicers he will often say:

Not my bloody type, luv.

When you have hypnotised him, he will say a number of homocentric things too the player;

I love you, ya lil' shite. I do.

Feel so...what you call it ... comfortable, witcha.

Partners, yeah? I like the sound of that.

Do anything for ya. I mean that.

I'd look a poof in that suit, but you carry it.

When hypnotism ends on him, he will say, "You ain't telling no one you 'ad me!" which was sadly an all too common thing when a closeted/married man had a sexual encounter with a guy, they would then proceed to gay-bash their lover to keep them quiet.

"Lyin' lil' mince! I trusted ya!"

A heartbroken Brute

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