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Meet Devrim Kay!

Sniping his way into our hearts.

Watching over Earth's European Dead Zone (EDZ), Devrim Kay is the grey-haired, tea-drinking sharpshooter who serves as a reputation vendor in Destiny 2. Being one of the first characters you run across in Destiny 2, Devrim sort of serves as a tutorial guide for people new to the series.

Held up in the towers of the EDZ church, Devrim spends his time picking off remnants of the Fallen with his trusty sniper rifle and watching the activity of the Red Legion in the area. As you may have guessed from his devilish good looks, and my use of the words "tea-drinking", he is British.

Like most characters in Destiny, occasionally they will give off little fragments of their story. With these fragments, we can piece together Kay's life beyond the vendor that he is presented as in-game. Past his love of tea, he will mention how lonely he is in the Church and how he misses having home-cooked meals with his partner Mark.

"You know what I miss most? Mark. He had perfected the art of making the best cup of tea. He always had one waiting for me when I got home."

Devrim Kay

Devrim has marked a first in Destiny's (and Bungie's) history by being the first gay character presented in-game. I know that the game has been out for a few months now (on PC), but Devrim is such a sweetheart of a character that I couldn't not write about him.

It's also great to see a character who doesn't fit the traditional mode of being an early-20's twinky build as a gay side-character. Sure he's still a white guy, but it's baby steps in the right direction. We hope to find a diverse and interesting cast of characters to come.

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