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The Top 6 LGBT Characters in Game of Thrones

Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder... a gay ladder.

It seems Game of Thrones has become a marmite show, you either love it or really enjoy telling people why you are smarter than them for not watching it. Game of Thrones is one of those shows I go back to rewatch every now and again when I feel low. Nothing makes me happier than dragons, gore, and sex.

In my most recent rewatch I kept track of the LGBT representation in the show, to find out who the best LGBT+ characters in the show are. SPOILERS AHEAD!

These characters are presented roughly in order of appearance, starting in Season 1.

Loras and his lover Renly.

Loras Tyrell

The Knight of the Flowers, men want to be him and women want to be with him... but unfortunately for them, he doesn't share this sentiment. Heir to the second richest house in Westeros, Loras is the most eligible bachelor in the realm, but he has his heart on Ser Renly Baratheon, his secret lover. One of the healthier relationships in the Game of Thrones canon - it seems Loras and Renly genuinely love each other.

Not forced together by marriage or family gain, they are kept together by their love for each other. When Renly dies, Loras is genuinely heartbroken by it. Caring, sensitive, and with a great bum, these are the reasons Loras is our top (well, more likely the bottom) LGBT Character in Game of Thrones.

Renly with Loras.

Renly Baratheon

Youngest brother to the King, Renly is loved by the people of Westeros. 'Softest' of the Baratheon brothers. Loras and his relationship is the "worst kept secret in Westeros" - everyone knows about it, but they don't bring it up. The show's first gay moment is between the two when Loras tells Renly he should be the King, right before going down on him.

Their relationship grew closer when Renly took Loras' sister, Margaery, as his queen, her fully knowing about both her brothers and her husband's sexual orientation. In the effort of getting an heir, Margaery suggests getting Loras involved. However, their love doesn't last much longer than that, as Renly is murdered by his brother.

Olyvar, sitting on a sofa with plush cushions.


Under the employment of Little Finger, Olyvar is both a steward to Loras Tyrell and a prostitute. After Renly's demise, Loras found Olyvar in his company as his steward. It didn't take long for the two to hook up. Using sex to get information from Loras, Olyvar manipulated Loras to his liking. It also helps that Olyvar is the cutest character in Westeros.

Sadly, Olyvar is a key part of getting Loras imprisoned for being homosexual, and his sister too for knowing about it. With Loras in prison he becomes the manager of one of Little Finger's brothel, he also deals with the male clients of the establishment. Including Oberyn, The Red Viper of Dorne, in one of the hottest scene from the series, Oberyn and Olyvar have an orgy in the brothel. Olyvar also gets bonus points for being the only gay man still alive in the series.

God made this, and it delights me.


Yara, being the lesbian Goddess that she is.

Yara Greyjoy

We shall take a break from the boys to talk about the ladies of Westeros. When we first met Yara she was a slightly odd character - she got fingered by her brother on a horse - but this is Game of Throne so incest isn't really a big issue. As a character, she wasn't that integral to the plot until the later seasons where she joined forces with Daenerys.

She became a main player after that, and we started to see her bisexual side. At a brothel with her brother Theon (yes, the one who fingered her), she takes a concubine for herself, then later she indulges in a sexual scene with Ellaria.

Ellaria, being the garbage dumpster that she is.


Ellaria gets the award for being the worst character in Game of Thrones, and also is the main part of the worst episode in the series (S05E06 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken). However, I can't make an LGBT Characters in Game of Thrones without mentioning her. She is the lover of Prince Oberyn, and mother to three of his daughters.

During her and Oberyn's time in Kings Landing, the pair took part in a number of orgies. Ellaria chooses women to sleep with and Oberyn chooses men to sleep with. After Oberyn's demise Ellaria allied herself with Daenerys which put her in the company of Yara, the two hooking up not long later.

Oberyn, the Red Viper of Dorne.


And we left best for last. The Red Viper of Dorne. Known for both his combat and sexual prowess, Oberyn is an honourable family man who is also in a bisexual open relationship. He and his partner Ellaria partake in numerous orgies. We're honestly pleased to see a healthy depiction of both being in a loving relationship and being non-monogamous.

His most notable 'LGBT' scene is his orgy with Olyvar, which is personally one of my favourite scenes in the show.

Who are your favourite queer characters from Game of Thrones? Do you agree with our list? Tweet us @RainboPress and let us know!
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