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Killer Unicorn - Queer Brooklyn Slasher Movie

Whatr do you get when you cross I Know What You Did Last Summer crossed with RuPauls Drag Race? Killer Unicorn

'Tis the season to get spooky! With Halloween just around the corner, I'm sure you are searching for some good LGBT horror movies. We can highly recommend Killer Unicorn (2018).

Written by Jose D. Alvarez, and directed by Drew Bolton, Killer Unicorn is the tale of a gang of drag queens being hunted one by one by a sexy psycho-killer in a kick-ass unicorn mask. The movie fits squarely into the "horror-comedy" category, and features some awesome drag talent.

The last half of Killer Unicorn is very NSFW. It takes place in a sex club, darkroom and all. It also has very heavy drug use, but it still depicts a fun world. After watching the film, I wanted to go to a bar full of amazing drag queens and make some kick-ass queer friends.

The acting is wonderfully cheesy, which I assume the filmmakers were going for, and it's all very camp. Our favourite character would have to be "MDME Mortimer" - everything about her character draw us toward liking her, from her gruff voice to her incredible personality.

The movie has quiet a few creative, unique and "suggestive" kills, which all made me chuckle - has anyone seen a death by douche before? Sadly, the times where it shows gore have to be the movie's low points for me. A lot of it is fairly budget CGI - though when they use practical effects it does pay off.

The design for Killer Unicorn is very badass - it perfectly encapsulates queer camp and horror. I just love the mask and I would kill to get my hands on one.

All in all I just love this movie. It's the perfect intersection of my loves of both horror flicks and drag queens. You should go check it out this Halloween!

Killer Unicorn is streaming now on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.
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