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Sony Releases Free PS4 Theme For Pride

Its a shame its slightly hard to look at.

It's finally the month of Pride. Let's kick it off in style with some corporate appropriation!

It's the time of year where everyone who falls on the LGBT+ spectrum comes together and celebrates being themselves with each other. To help celebrate Pride in gamer style, Sony has released a free theme for the PS4 to help us all show off just how queer we really are.

As is to be expected when a company celebrates Pride and the LGBT community, the release has been meet with the usual homophobic comments and people accusing companies of pushing their "liberal left wing gay agenda". I would embed some of the many hundreds of those tweets here, but I don't want to give those hate-filled cretins any more acknowledgment.

I just want to say I love what Sony has done and their support for the LGBT community. Their support at both the pride parade and online makes me proud to be a gamer.

We can only hope that they take this opportunity to offer more support for queer folks going forward throughout the year - including safeguarding their online communities and encouraging representation in games on the PlayStation platform. And beyond that, we hope that other companies can follow their lead in support of the LGBT space.

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