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Aye Fair Lady - A Yorkshire Musical

A clever musical adventure game from the makers of Yorkshire Gubbins...

From the brilliant mind of Charlotte Gore (@CharlotteGore on Twitter) comes Aye Fair Lady: a Yorkshire Gubbins Musical.

If you don't know what Yorkshire Gubbins is, stop reading right now and go get it. I'm not joking, close the tab, get on Steam, play it through to the end, then come back to this article. It's one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a long time.

Made for the Adventure Jam 2018, Aye Fair Lady is set in the Yorkshire Robotics universe on the most wonderful days of the year, "Mandatory Singing Day". With the short bring fully voice acted and sung, it feels like a Yorkshire version of the "My Musical" episode of Scrubs.

You, Steggy, must stop the tyranny of Mandatory Singing Day by winning the town's singing contest in order to put an end to the holiday altogether. I really don't want to give out more than that - It's a 30 minutes long experience and an absolute treat to play.

You can play it for free on GameJolt.
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