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The 18 Hottest Guys in Hearthstone, Part 2

From Medivh to Varian Wrynn, these dudes have that WoW factor - but who is the hottest of them all? We round off the list with the top nine.

Loosen your trousers and spice up your decks, because we're halfway through the dreamiest guys in Hearthstone! And it's only getting hotter from here.

If you missed part one, you can find it here.

9. Crowd Favorite

There have been some meta cards in Hearthstone, including Sparring Partner (said to be modelled on Kripparian) and Fiery Bat (named after Firebat, the first winner of the first Hearthstone World Championships). But Crowd Favorite has to be the card which breaks the fourth wall the most.

Ahhh, so many viewers!

Crowd Favorite on-play voice line

Yet another serious case of Blood Elf Syndrome. Wide shoulders and a narrow waist? Yes please!

8. Arrogant Crusader

The first and only actually dead entry to the list, Arrogant Crusader says it best himself:

I'm drop dead gorgeous!

Arrogant Crusader on-play voice line

But the reason he's so high up this ranking isn't only for his looks: He also has the flirtiest line of dialogue in the game. When he attacks he says "Hell-oooo" in a silky-smooth voice that could melt the Icecrown Citadel itself. He can turn me undead any day.

It's just a shame that the card is trash and never sees play.

7. Defias Ringleader & Defias Bandit

In the early days of Hearthstone, barely a game went by where you didn't hear "This is our town, scrub!". Originally the left card, Defias Ringleader, was a 2/3. This made the card the strongest 2-drop in the game, elevating aggro Rogue to near unmatched levels. Once nerfed we heard less from them, but they still show up from time to time.

We get a great mix with this card - a hulky muscle dude in the Ringleader and a cute twink with some more great hear from the Bandit. There really is something for everyone.

[Side note for any RuPaul's Drag Race fans: Shoutout to Valentina's mask making an appearance!]

6. Elven Minstrel

Elven Minstrel has been defining Rogue since it was printed in Kobolds and Catacombs. Most streamers spotted this as a great card despite the poor stats. He can sing, he can play the lute, and he can refill your hand after tempoing out 20 mana's worth of stuff on your last turn.

Only night elf on the list, and easy winner of "Best Forearms in Hearthstone", Elven Minstrel will always have a place in my heart. And my deck.

5. Varian Wrynn

I'd bet most of you don't even remember this card existed. Poor old Varian was just too slow when he was released, due to a serious tempo/aggro meta driven by strong, cheap Warrior cards. There were a couple of control lists which ran him but not enough to make him a household name.

I'm not the only one who sees a bit of Hanzo in Varian, right? The long fringe, jet-black hair and silly animal-themed clothes all scream Hanzo.

Varian is also the father of uber-twink Anduin Wrynn, the cutest hero in Hearthstone. Maybe we'll rate the heroes some time.

4. Defias Cleaner

I told you we weren't done with the Brotherhood, didn't I? Another great Arena card but just not good enough for constructed. Pretty good against Cubelock but just a fraction too expensive, it's generally outclassed by Spellbreaker.

Something of a muscle twink, the Defias Cleaner is pictured juggling two knifes. He must be pretty good with his hands, if you know what I mean. Oh, and he's wearing a waistcoat which is a serious plus.

3. Renounce Darkness Dude

The unnamed warlock in the Renounce Darkness card art is easily the most human-looking human anywhere in the game. This could very easily be a photograph of a human which has been "artified" slightly.

Damn fine robes and a cute smile make this Warlock one of the hottest guys in Hearthstone. Quite fitting really that the card is a massive meme.

2. The Squire

Another staple since Beta which has fallen out of favour in recent times. 6/6 of stats? Yes please! But it's not the Silver Hand Knight which gets the card to #2 in this list. In spite of all the Blood Elves on the list, one lowly Squire tops the charts as the twinkiest minion in the game.

Not only is he cute as hell, he also has some of the most adorable voice lines in the game. Check them out, then put him in every one of your decks and feel your heart melt.

Honourable Mention: Genn Greymane

Now, I'm not a furry, not by any stretch of the imagination. But if I were, I'd probably be thanking Brode for Genn Greymane, and The Witchwood expansion in general. There are quite a few lycanthropic characters which show up, mostly themed around the new Rush keyword. We'll probably see a few more once the new Solo Play mode drops.

So I just thought I'd drop this ole' guy in here as a special mention for all my fluffy brethren out there. Rawr.

1. Edwin Van Cleef

With so many Defias cards on the list, it's only fitting that we round off the list with their unquestioned leader, Edwin. One of the most renowned engineers of Azeroth, Edwin helped rebuild Stormwind, but was forced underground following a dispute with the House of Nobles.

Edwin VanCleef is yet another evergreen card in Hearthstone, having seen play in almost every meta in some kind of Tempo Rogue deck. He is a trained rogue, after all.

[RPDR fans: Valentina's face mask makes yet another appearance here. I'm starting to think Valentina might be a member of the Defias Brotherhood (Sisterhood?) herself.]

Check out that cool-ass armour. Check out that V-shaped torso. Check out that gorgeous hair. It should come as no surprise that Hearthstone's first and only emo twink tops our list. And he can top me any day.

Well, that's the end of our list of the 18 hottest guys that Hearthstone has to offer.

What do you think? Did we miss any major hotties? Let us know on Twitter. And don't worry, as soon as the next expansion hits we'll be rating the new guys too!
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