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The 18 Hottest Guys in Hearthstone

From Medivh to Varian Wrynn, these dudes have that WoW factor - but who is the hottest of them all?

As I'm sure you're aware, Hearthstone has its fair share of attractive women in its card art. But it turns out there's plenty of eye-candy for the otherwise-inclined too!

Today we're going to fawn over the cutest guys that Hearthstone has to offer. So without further ado, let's dive right in with...

18. Medivh, the Guardian

The OG party animal! Medivh got his very own expansion with One Night in Karazhan. He's a pretty big name in World of Warcraft, too - the last Guardian of Tirisfal, destined to fight the Burning Legion.

Charasmatic to a fault, and only a little egotistical. What's not to love? That beard, I guess.

17. Prince Malchezaar

Turns out that Karazhan was a pretty good expansion for us thirsty boys and girls. How could we talk about Medivh without his partner in crime, Prince Malchezaar? He's an angry chap, to be sure, but I'd invite him to my party any day.

His abs seem to continue in all directions. Plus he's got huge, glowing green fists. And who can resist a good fist?

16. Reno Jackson

Reno, Reno, Reno. The League of Explorers is widely regarded as one of Hearthstone's most interesting and influential sets, and that's in no small part thanks to Reno Jackson. He defined control decks for every class for years. He was also the first clear example of a true "build-around" card.

The Karazhan cinematic trailer includes a shirtless Reno in a jacuzzi with a murloc. Serious dad bod. Daddy Reno may have rotated out, but his legacy lives on!

He's also one of the only characters to be featured on the art for multiple cards - also appearing on both Forgotten Torch and Roaring Torch.

15. Dollmaster Dorian

A new entry with The Witchwood expansion, Dorian is the first example in this list of what I'll call "Blood Elf Syndrome". Blond, skinny, and pretty damn evil looking.

Just like most Blood Elves, too, he has excellent fashion sense.

14. Spellbreaker

A card that hasn't truly left the meta since Beta, Spellbreaker must be one of the most-run cards in Hearthstone at this point. Another Blood Elf with all that comes with it. Gorgeous!

Side note, I think Spellbreaker might have the best hair in all of Hearthstone. There's some great hair in this list, but those are some amazing bangs.

13. Harrison Jones

Harrison rotates in and out of Hearthstone every so often, but at the moment he's not quite good enough in spite of all the weapons going around. It's actually a little surprising that this card hasn't been rotated into the Hall of Fame yet - it must be a little limiting in terms of design space. Not so much as Acidic Swamp Ooze, maybe.

I hope I don't need to explain why Harrison makes the list here. He's modelled on a young Harrison Ford, for heaven's sake!

12. Marin The Fox

In principle, Marin can give you some of the strongest cards in the game through the Master Chest that he summons. Unfortunately he's way too slow to see any play in the current meta.

Marin is something of a land-based Jack Sparrow. He pairs the charisma of Medivh with the looks of a younger Kripparian - and the unrelenting greed of, well, Blizzard Entertainment.

11. Argent Commander

TO NORTHREND! The Argent Commander used to be a great card for your midrange-aggro list, but fell out of favour pretty quickly once some stronger cards muscled in. You're still never sad to see it appear in your Arena draft, though. He's pretty damn heroic, and in fact most of the Argent Dawn could have made this list.

10. Wrathion

It's time to go a little... evil. Our friend Wrathion is literally a dragon. Those glowing eyes are seriously cool. He's also one of the few characters in the whole of Hearthstone to be non-white. I guess whitewashing a Black Dragon might be a bit much even for Blizz.

And if you're wondering why he isn't in the Dragon tribe:


Wrathion flavour text

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