Neapolitan Representation

We take a look at LGBT characters in the media and how, even though we've come forward leaps and bounds, we still have a long way to go.

Yag World Adventure Game - Bringing The Web Comic to (Very Gay) Life

From super-bears to super-twinks, there is something for everyone in this fun little Flash game.

Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Might Just Be the Gayest Horror Movie Ever

Let's take a look at the most underrated Nightmare on Elm Street sequel. Domination fantasies, serious subtext, and the horror genre's first male scream queen.

WhiteWolf Uses Violence In Chechnya as an Islamic Vampire Sub-Plot

Despite the ongoing humanitarian crisis affecting gay people in Chechnya, WhiteWolf saw fit to use their suffering as a sub-plot in their latest table-top RPG supplement.

Newfound Courage: An Indie Game with a Story to Tell

Let's take a look at Newfound Courage, recently released on Steam Early Access.

The Story of The Brute Splicer - Bioshock

An all too common story from yesteryear...

Rainbow Jam 2018 - Lets Make Some Gay Games!

Get your game dev hats on guys!

Newfound Courage: An Interview with the Developer

We got to have a one-on-one chat with Curtis Campion, the developer of the upcoming gay adventure game Newfound Courage.

Five Wise Lessons from Overwatch's #RoadRat Ship

Is Roadhog x Junkrat the perfect relationship? It just might be.

Steam's Queer Games Bundle: Considerate or Cynical?

How does Valve's latest LGBT olive branch hold up?

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